some appreciation

This seems like an appropriate way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, so I’ve borrowed this idea from Kiwiria – a list of messages to anonymous people. If you think one of these is about you, it likely is. (True confession time: a few of these are about more than one person. In particular #8 – one of the joys of the internet is becoming acquainted with a lot of people who create incredible things of one sort or another.)

1. Nope, we’re friends because of the things we have in common – including the willingness to respect each others’ opinions even when they’re different. And the books, of course 🙂

2. The intensity of your joy – in books, in nature, in love, in life – is always an inspiration to me. You live Ewan MacColl’s song “Joy of Living” better than anyone I know: Days in the sun and the tempered winds and the air like the wine / And you drink and you drink till you’re drunk / On the joy of living.

3. You may not be changing the world in the way you once thought you would, but never doubt that you are changing it for the better.

4. You, on the other hand, know *exactly* what you are doing to save the world, and it’s a pleasure to watch and learn from you.

5. So much is going right for you right now, and I know how hard you worked for it – I hope you have decades like this!

6. There are a few paths you’ve walked ahead of me, and the information you’ve passed back has been enormously helpful. Thank you!

7. As promised, I haven’t told your secret to anyone. But it makes me REALLY happy to know it!

8. You do beautiful work.

9. I miss hearing from you more often, and cherish all the times I do, but I understand when you need to downshift for a bit. I cherish the times I do hear from you.

10. I know I’m only one of a horde who appreciates what an articulate and thoughtful ally you are.

11. I confess that every time you respond to something I’ve written I squee like a little fangirl.

12. You are unique and larger than life. The things you do are so unimaginable for me that I respect you all the more for doing them.

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  1. LA says:

    Thank you for #s 3 and 5. If any others apply then I am humbled. You’re a great friend. Love, ~LA

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