Yet another problem with editing today…

I can only conclude someone has come up with a program to automatically replace British English (or this this case Australian_) with American English for the US market. I’m reading Old Magic, by Marianne Curley, and it contains the lines “He held a burning flashlight” and then “he raised the flashlight toward my face”.

The only problem is that those words come right after the characters have traveled back in time to AD 1252. A torch, maybe?

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2 Responses to Yet another problem with editing today…

  1. l'empress says:

    Ah, it’s an old story. Someone doesn’t know that not every torch is a flashlight.

    Reminds me of a story told by one of my professors; I think one of the editors was Ernest Hemingway acting coy. The manuscript was about donkeys, that is, asses. Hemingway changed every “ass” to “arse.”

    For some reason, the assignment was then given to a very proper woman editor, who changed every “arse” to “bottom.” Poor donkeys.

  2. dichroic says:

    And then Will Shakespeare came along and changed Bottom to an ass!

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