politics of motherhood

We are not going out for dinner tonight because I am sniffly enough not to be sure I wanted to. Blah. It’s probably allergies, but it might be a head cold. Doesn’t seem to be getting any worse, but it’s been hanging around for three days or so, which supports the allergy theory. On the plus side, the backup plan for tonight was jambalaya, and it’s on the stove now. (An experimental version: this time we’re trying it without tomato sauce.)

We went to Zwolle yesterday, sniffles and all, to attend the Handwerkbeurs (hand-work fair), which had yarn and fabric, beads and sewing machines. The quilts on display were amazing. I bought yarn for the socks I intend to make for my MIL as well as the baby blanket for my niece or nephew-to-be. There’s one more project I have to do before starting that, but at the very latest I’ll have from July to October to work on it – a good thing, as I am beginning to realize the amount of work entailed in a sock yarn baby blanket. Eep!

There is a possibility we will be meeting my parents at our house in Oregon for Passover, which raises an interesting knitting question because my in-laws will probably also come up: if I give my mother a par of Skew socks and my MIL a pair of colorwork socks in blue and yellow (either Iris Garden (Ravelry link) or maybe Wallflower) for early Mother’s Day presents, will those look like roughly equivalent gifts? The colorwork will take longer, but on the other hand the yarn for Skew is one my mom chose when she visited me last year, and my MIL actually needs warmer socks because she’s always cold. I’m just worried because Skew is very plain, though it’s a cool and unique construction and a very pretty yarn. These, in fact:

I did warn Mom that I wouldn’t do anything lacy, because it wouldn’t show well with such a busy yarn. I just don’t want hurt feelings.

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  1. LA says:

    Moms are cool because ANYTHING hand-made by a child (or child-in-law) is automatically wonderful. Your mom and MIL (from what I know through your writing) are wise and loving women. It matters more that you remembered how much your mom loved the yarn you used for her socks and that you know your MIL is always chilly and want her to have warm feet. They’ll both get it. Promise.

    Hope your sniffles get gone ASAP. ~LA

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