I went out!

This is big news because it’s the first time I’ve gone outside my apartment except to work since Saturday, when I walked Ted to the train station and then did some necessary grocery shopping on the way back. Other than that I probably haven’t been out since last Monday or Tuesday.

They were having a do at the local Body Shop, with discounts and makeovers and goody bags, and it’s only a bock away (besides, I figure it’s always good to turn out for something like this to convince local merchants there is interest in shopping during evening hours. All shops except supermarkets close at 6 here.) I didn’t stay for the makeover (still coughing too much, but got my goody bag, 15% off everything plus an extra 10 euros off for just having had a birthday. To celebrate, I got some takeout sushi on the way back, just across from my building. It was a near thing, though, and a good thing they had the sushi ready relatively quickly. I’d been trying not to cough too much in the restaurant and even though I’d brought a handkerchief and water bottle, I wasn’t going to last much longer without …. well, it would have been ugly. The wasabi helped, though.

Speaking of that water bottle, it’s a funny thing. People always tell you to drink water when you’re coughing or choking, but that’s never worked for me. Generally I’m choking *on* something, quite likely swallowing water the wrong way, and adding more water is not going to help. It’s only ever helped if I was coughing due to dust. But this time, sipping water or tea really has made a difference in calming coughing. I guess that’s what all those people were getting at, all those years. It’s still not likely to help me in most cases, but it’s nice to know they were being more sensible than I thought, all those years.

I am definitely not going to knitting tonight. A few hours in a cafe is clearly not advisable.

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  1. LA says:

    Yay for going out! Sorry this cold is dragging on though. A lingering cold is a buggardly thing. Tea works for me too. Nothing fancy, just plain old Lipton.

    Thanks for the suggestion about Grouse. I fell away from reading him (and a bunch of others) a while back when going through a hermit phase.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon. ~LA

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