I’ve mentioned this on Facebook, but don’t think I have here. Y’all should go visit Cake and the Beanstalk (check out this awesome article about it) on 1112 Locust. I haven’t been there myself yet, what with living on a different continent and all; I’m recommending it because I’ve known the author since he was a year old. (I babysat!) That’s not why should should go, though; you should go because everyone who’s been there (and who has written about it) says desserts are awesome. They’re baked there every day; according to the blog, “Thus far, he has churned out: banana chocolate walnut cake, cheesecake, chocolate chip pound cake, strawberry pound cake, plain pound cake, several kinds of blondies, brownies, chocolate tree nut cookies, chocolate peanut butter cookies, coffee cake, blueberry crumb cake, gingerbread cake, and Jewish apple cake. “.

The other thing I’m impressed by is that Daniel is literally almost the only person I know who decided young on a somewhat unusual ambition, laid out a plan to get there, and followed it. He was talking as college about wanting to open a dessert restaurant someday. He majored in restaurant management, then worked at some of the most famous restaurants in Philly both as a baker and out in front. Now it’s time to see how all that planning has paid off.