I am, finally, feeling a little better today (which should not be interpreted as “well” – I’m still coughing. The only problem is that Nyquil let me down and I was coughing all night. Actually it’s not fair to blame the Nyquil; I’ve ben sleeping with three pillows to keep me propped up higher, and I didn’t realize that one had slipped. Apparently I still really do need the extra height; I finally realized that around 5AM so at least I slept well for the last hour and a half. Don’t tell Ted I’ve been using (and coughing on) his pillow. Hopefully I won’t run out of gas during the day, because today is solidly packed with meetings until 5.

The only good thing is that because I was coughing all night, I didn’t have accumulations of gunk to expel this morning – that has been an unpleasant feature of too many recent mornings (hack, snort, retch). I must be better, because this morning I ate a fruit bar (fruit filling in a cookie crust) – they’ve been too dry for me to choke down lately.

I think I might actually try rowing on Sunday, if I can get someone to go with me (I need help carrying the boat to the water – because the boathouse is crowded, it’s club policy to have two people carrying singles).

Of couse after I wrote all of the above, I participated in a couple o meetings and coughed to fhalf an hour straight. Apparently my throat is not allowing me to speak more than a couple of short and very quiet sentences today. (Do you suppose someone paid it off? How would that work?)