They played this on the radio yesterday – DUtch radio is slightly more freeform than US, but they wouldn’t have played something this good if it weren’t St. Patrick’s Day.

The refrain is ” I Don’t Mind”, which is why I had a hard time finding it – there are lots of songs by that title. The *actual* From the sound of the voice I was thinking Greg Brown, but they don’t have radio stations good enough to play him here! Turns out it’s Bob Geldof (the radio does play him now and then, but only “Tell Me Why I Don’t Like Mondays”). Actually I’d never realized they sound a bit alike. The instrument backup includes pennywhistle and bodhran and fiddle. (At least, that’s what I hear; I see a fiddle, guitars, and a synthesizer. Needs a didgeridoo, really – I’d love to hear it covered by the band Brother, if they’re still playing. Or Great Big Sea, not that they include a didge to my knowledge.

Anyway, good stuff. Here: