I finally seem to be on the mend – not well but better. I’ve coughed less today. I actually went on an outing – a ten-minute bike ride to the local outdoor sporting store / REI-analogue and back, though I did feel like I needed a rest by the time I got back. And I was able to have quite a long conversation with Ted before I started coughing. I still have to keeo a handkerchief with me at all times, though, and if I want to take a full breath, I still have to do it very carefully.. (It’s been quite an insight into what living with asthma might be like, including getting annoyed at people lighting up cigarettes in public places.)

I might try a *very* easy 5km on the erg tomorrow. Better that than in a boat – I don’t have to bike there, for one thing (I suppose I could drive) and for another, if I need to stop I can just get off, without needing to get back to the boathouse.