I feel like I’m juggling at the moment. Making plans for what to see and do and how to get from the airport to the hotel in Venice, where we’re going for a long weekend; making decisions for a replacement heat pump in our Oregon house (thank God for the in-laws, who will actually go there to be present while it’s being done); making plans for a trip to said house where my parents will come out to see it and we’ll take advantage of having both sets of parents present to get family photos taken. More locally, I’m finally starting to work out again after a long time off for this illness. I also went to a local dentist for the first time – I am pleased that my worries about Dutch brusqueness didn’t pan out; the dentist (a young woman) was very gentle.

Today I booked a tour of the Doge’s palace, bought a travel guide, decided on a heat pump and told the in-laws which one, decided on a photographer and set up a call with him. I got my teeth cleaned and learned that I don’t have cavities (yay!) but do have slight receding of the gumline. (Apparently I brush too hard. Who knew?) I erged last night and lifted some weights this morning (neither at full force) before the local dentist, then I went to work and packed because I’m moving to a new office, 8 floors above where i sit now. Plus of course I did some of the actual work-type work that I get paid for. I also treated myself to Chinese food, because I like it a lot better than Ted does, and he won’t want any for a while after getting back from Taiwan. It all feels like a pretty good day’s work.

(I have a sneaking suspicion that most days for most people look that busy when you write it all out like that.)