misanthropy is satisfied

1. Still coughing, though a bit less.

2. Ted comes back today (is on the train from Schiphol right now in fact). After he experiences the coughing, he may be wishing he’d stayed another week.

3. I have moved into a new office at work. I was in a big room with 12 other people – there were partial walls to separate us a bit but there were still 5 people in my section, and someone there kept a radio on (quietly) all day. I never felt comfortable asking her to turn the damned thing off because everyone else was already sitting together before I moved in with them and no one else seemed to mind. I was seated with my back to the room, which I hate.

Now I have an office on the 16th floor. I have it all to myself for a week, then I get an officemate. Eventually we’ll get a third person but that won’t be for some time, and we may get a bigger room before them because this one would be a bit small for three. The peace is blissful.

My desk is placed so that I’m facing the door; the only downside to this is that it means I have my back to the windows, but I have placed a request for blinds that I will be able to close in the early mornings when reflections are bad. No one walks behind me and comments on my “skippy ball” (the Swiss ball I use as an office chair).

We have a table for meetings – very helpful because it’s hard to schedule a meeting room at the moment. (We’re hiring fast and the building has been bursting at the seams.) I have a bookcase and I can bring in some of the busienss books I’d had to leave home for lack of space. I have a door I can shut!!!

The only downside so far is that there are lots of women in the other departments on this floor – that’s bad because there’s only one women’s toilet per floor. (I think there were few women other than admins when this building was designed.) As long as there aren’t too many ont he floors above or blow us, it should be OK.

But again, though I won’t mind having one roommate, it is so nice not to be in a room with so many people. The funny thing is that people keep asking me if I mind being all alone!

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