I decided to celebrate the new office by getting a water-cooker. (I call them that because the Dutch name is ‘water koker’, though it actually means ‘water boiler’.) We have free coffee and tea at work, but it’s in tiny plastic cups and only one kind of tea. As a result, I was on my third mug of tea before 10 this morning, though I did switch to mint tea so it isn’t caffeinated. Oh, well, good for my still-coughing throat.

As a result of Pamela Dean’s tribute to Diana Wyne Jones, I have just realized that I’ve been a bit of an idiot all these years. I never once thought to look if some of the DWJ books that are out of print in the US are available in the UK. (This alone wouldn’t make me an idiot except that living here, it’s actually cheaper and faster for me to get books from the UK because there’s no customs fee.) Sure enough, Amazon UK has Power of Three.

OK, now I have a two-stage Plan, though it won’t start for a while. First there’s Venice this weekend, then one weekend at home, then we’re off to the US. But after that poor Ted’s on yet *another* airplane back to Taiwan, so I’ll have a weekend on my own to fill, so:
1. Early in May, I will take the train to Amsterdam, where I will visit a yarn shop I’m curious about and the Waterstone’s there.
2. In June when Earwig and the Witch comes out I will order it plus whatever else I don’t have that is available.

And in other news, I did a short row on Sunday – a real one on the water – and plan to do another today. The change to DST was last weekend so now it stays light later and we can row after work. Still coughing, though.

Yay for planning!