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Dear Glenn Beck, I used Planned Parenthood in my college days and for a couple years after and have contributed to them ever since, out of gratitude. I am not a hooker. In fact, the access to contraception that they … Continue reading

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for Yuri & co.

If I ever get home*, tonight I shall be drinking vodka. *Ted’s running late and then we’re supposed to row, though I might bag that and erg)

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I owe a beer or three to the creators of Google Translate

Just when you think you’re doing really well, the universe throws more challenges at you. I’ve been easing back into working, but I think I’ve mostly passed the ‘easing’ point. I lifted Saturday (lighter on some arm stuff so I … Continue reading

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Cinda WIlliams Chima’s The Dragon Heir, the third book in a trilogy, just doesn’t measure up to the previous books, The Warrior Heir and The Wizard Heir. The characters are likeable and the plot is gripping and full of action; … Continue reading

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small physicalities

My cough was a little better in Venice and then a titch worse again when we got home, and anyway this cough has responded to being kept wet (mostly with frequent sips of tea or water) more than any other … Continue reading

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someone’s little girl? so what?

This article irritates me a bit, in the same way that Kipling’s “Unknown Female Corpse” from “Epitaphs of the War” does: Headless, lacking foot and hand, Horrible I come to land. I beseech all women’s sons Know I was a … Continue reading

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10 years on

First, the Venice report and photos are here and the next two entries (the photos are in the third one.) Meanwhile, I’ve just realized that I missed my decade blogiversary! I wrote my first entry on March 9, 2001 during … Continue reading

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