In a separate post because I wanted to keep the book-publishing discussion as its own thing.

Knitting: I should finish the current project this weekend, which is good because I’m especially eager to see what happens when I block it. The black yarn has been coming off a bit on my hands, and I am hoping it will stop doing that after a washing – and will not bleed onto the other yarn. It’s superwash, so I think I will wash it first in a sink to see what the colors do, then toss it in the washer and dryer to get itself sorted out and evened out. Hopefully I can finish it Saturday, but either way I won’t bring it on Sunday’s drive. Which brings me to

Rowing: Last night I committed to coxing a quad (yes, they have coxed quads here – narrow canals require them!) in a race in Haarlem on Sunday. Apparently they were desparately scouring the list for anybody available who is qualified to cox. This should be interesting; it’s literally been years since I coxed a race. I haven’t coxed a boat at all since last fall’s Rondje Eindhoven tour (when three of us in a wherry took turns rowing and coxing), and it was probably a couple years before that since I last coxed even a practice, let alone a race. Also, I’ve never seen this racecourse and I don’t even know the crew, except maybe by sight. Nonetheless, I’ve coxed all over the west coast and even did the Head of the Charles once, and a local friend who has coxed this race a few times is going to give me the rundown so it should be OK. It’s a running start, not a countdown start, and it’s only a 4.5km course with two bridges and one sharp turn. It should be interesting and I would even say fun, except they’re predicting heavy rain and temps only up to 53F / 12C, which will put a literal damper on things.

ETA: I forgot to mention the funny part. The guy who called me sent an email to his crew-mates to tell them I would be coxing. His subject line was “witte rook / white smoke

Story (I mean the one two entries back): what I’d sort of like to do would be to make a little chapbook out of it, with pictures, so it could actually be read to the baby someday. However, my art skills may not be up to it. I might try anyway, just for the heck of it – I can certainly run up a few sketches, anyway, and if they come out terrible, well, toddlers aren’t that critical.