I don’t think I slept well enough last night (maybe because Ted left for Taiwan yesterday). I can tell because I just started to write an entry about our upcoming travel plans and had it mostly done before I remembered that I already said that.

Sunday wasn’t quite as nice as Saturday; most importantly, of course, there is the Ted leaving thing. Also, I apparently overdid it on Saturday and can feel that pulled rib muscle again – I tried erging, but decided it was best to stop after only 5 km. It’s only a slight twinge, so hopefully having a rest day today (workout-wise) will help. I’d bought a tiny ready-to-roast chicken (1.2 kg) Saturday, so I made that for Sunday lunch on the theory that it would be good to feed my husband well before he left. Then I had a little carcass left, so since I also had celery, carrots, scallions and dried herbs I parlayed that into about a half batch of chicken soup. I even made matzo balls. That was dinner last night, I’ll have nachos with the meat left over from Saturday’s tacos tonight, and I still have a dinner’s worth of soup and another of the leftover chicken. (Then again, I just learned that a local Indian place delivers – I might not be that virtuous about eating my leftovers!)

On a totally different topic, I’m thinking about charities again. I just made a small donation to a UK hospice in honor of a young man I didn’t know at all and his wife, from whom I’d seen a few blog posts and Ravelry posts. (Ses’s Andy, if anyones been following that sad story on Ravelry – a young man who died in his 20s of colon cancer.) I feel good about that; hospices deserve my support because they do hard and crucial work. But I do wonder if it would be better if I did what I did a couple of years ago and donated bigger chunks to a few carefully chosen places instead of somewhat-random bits here and there as the spirit moves me. It would certainly be better for my taxes – random donations are more likely to nt be deuctible because they are to an individual or to something outside the US – but I’m not nearly as concerned with that as I am with maximizing the good that my donations do.