It is odd to see Obama addressing both houses of the British Parliament in Westminster Abbey, beginning with “My Lord Chancellor …. My Lords.” They’re not, in fact, his lords. It just didn’t sound right in his mouth.

Walking around town this evening, I noticed one shop window with a mannequin who caught my eye because she was naked – presumably they’re in the process of changing the window display. But what I noticed, when I looked at her more closely, was that she was plainly meant to be Indian, by her long shiny black hair, her skin tone and features. That was refreshing; I hadn’t realized until then how uniformly white most shop mannequins here are. (The same shop had a couple male mannequins that could possibly be assumed to be of mixed race, if you squint just right.)

I’m done reading Welcome to Bordertown. Sigh. There’s no way to know if there will be another one, or if it will be another twenty years, but two things are sure, fortunately: all of the Bordertown stories are still there any time I want to go back and reread them (hm. maybe I ought to buy a paper copy to guarantee that) and the next wonderful amazing book will be along in much less than twenty years. Twenty days, if I’m lucky. Twenty weeks, maybe. And meanwhile there are plenty of wonderful books to reread and “just good” books to find.

I will be cruising down the Rhine River tomorrow, on a day trip. I wonder if it will feel different now I know that my people come from there – apparently all Ashkenazic Jews in the world are descended from a few small settlements on the Rhine in around 800-1100 CE. (AD = Anno Domini = Year of Our Lord didn’t feel right in that context. CE = Common Era is what Jews use instead.)

A few days ago I found a list of restaurants in my area who deliver and was delighted to find a nearby Indian restaurant on the list. Last night I tried ordering from them. It worked! And left me with enough leftovers for tonight, too. Yum.

And so to bed, since I need to be up early. I am planning to sleep late on Sunday and then again on Thursday, since we have Thursday and Friday off for Ascension Day. (The Dutch for that is Hemelvaart, which is literally Heaven-going. “Ascension” sounds more like an elevator!)