It must be summer, because I don’t have a normal work week for about the next month. Let’s see …. this week is a three-day week, because we have Thursday and Friday off for Ascension Day. Next week there’s one half day that will be devoted to a sector meeting and a farewell barbeque for our departing VP. The week after that we have Monday off for Pentecost / Whitmonday, I have an offsite meeting Thursday, then I take Friday as a vacation day. (Crap. We fly out to Budapest Thursday night. I need to tell people I will not be doing the dinner after that meeting and will be leaving early.) The week after that, Monday I’m still on vacation, then I have a department meeting with an offsite one day and workshops another day. (This one is my department, the previous offsite is from a different one – the downside is, that means I have to do a lot of the prep.) That brings me to the last week in June, which should be normal except for me being exhausted after we drive home from Paris Sunday night.

But after that I have no interesting plans for the entire rest of the summer. Oh, well, I’m sure we’ll think of something!

We have our 18th anniversary on July 4, but I imagine we’ll decide one of those trips shortly before it is our present to each other.

Oh, and I just found out I came in second in a small poetry contest at Absolute Write – it was small because entries had to be in one of a few forms: sonnet, terza rima, pantoum, domino rhyme, villanelle – that does tend to cut down on the number of entries. I think I get a book. On the downside, inside the same hour I got a rejection on some other poems. (It was a nice encouraging one, at least.)