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LA asked for my jambalaya recipe; as long as I was writing it out, I figured other people might want it too. Like lots of traditional forms of cooking, I think jambalaya evolved as a way to use up every … Continue reading

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settled down a bit

I survived June’s insanity. Now I get a nice calm three weeks or so before I head off to Japan, unless of course something changes. Poor Ted doesn’t even get a weekend to recover; he’s leaving for Taiwan this weekend, … Continue reading

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tired just thinking about it

I’ve gotten to the crux of my busy June – I feel like I’m at the top of a roller coaster, about to start plunging down hill. Here’s what’s coming up on the track: Tomorrow I have an offsite meeting … Continue reading

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on the latest Shadow Unit

I am not resigned. . . . . . . (The season finale is in three parts; it starts here.)

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book recs: for children and teenagers who like historical fantasy

Someone in a discussion group was just lamenting that most of the recent books for girls are limited to romances or books about vampires, saying that she loves / loved SF and books from the 19th century. And then there … Continue reading

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Revere, further redux

I’m still annoyed at the Sarah Palin error over Paul Revere’s ride. The thing is, for a public figure, there are mistakes, there are stupid mistakes, and there are pernicious mistakes. A mistake is “Sorry, I said 80 billion dollars … Continue reading

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Revere, redux

Listen, my children and you shall hear Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere. On the eighteenth of April, in Seventy-five Apparently few are now alive Who have studied that famous day and year. How lucky we were, in those … Continue reading

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Among Others, again

Something weird happened to me with the book Among Others, by Jo Walton. After that first glorious reading, I did a thing I do with the books that speak to me most, and dived back in for an immediate reread. … Continue reading

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I miss my *real* oven

I really, really hate Dutch combis – I hate them in general and the one in my current apartment is a particularly loathesome specimen of the breed. A combi, for those lucky enough not to have encountered one, is a … Continue reading

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