I’ve gotten to the crux of my busy June – I feel like I’m at the top of a roller coaster, about to start plunging down hill. Here’s what’s coming up on the track:

Tomorrow I have an offsite meeting – I was going to have to duck out early but fortunately it’s a shortened one and is scheduled to end at 3:00. (It won’t end on time, but at least I can escape as it’s winding down instead of in the middle of things.)

Then we drive straight to Schiphol (the Amsterdam airport and catch a plane to Budapest, where we’ll see the sights and get to hang out a bit with my in-laws, who will be taking a cruise / tour from there. We get back on Monday.

I have another off-site meeting on Tuesday, this one part of my own department’s gathering of all of our people worldwide. I have to present Tuesday and maybe do another smaller one Wednesday, and run a workshop Thursday, and there will be group dinners Tuesday and Thursday.

On Friday we sneak out early again (which should be OK, since everyone has to go catch planes), drive to Paris for the biannual Airshow (one of the world’s bigest and most important), return Sunday night, and go to work Monday. I was thinking of taking the day off to recover, but I’m going to be so behind on work by then that I think I’ll need to go in.

I suspect the best thing to do is not to think about how all of this stacks up, and just float along with it as it happens, hoping we remember to do things like note down the address of our Paris hotel (near Charles de Gaulle airport, which has a shuttle to Le Bouret where the Airshow is) and figure out how to get there. Lucky for me, Ted reminded me to pack my passport today, because I’m pretty sure the authorities in Budapest would not appreciate my arriving without one.

In other news, it’s looking like I may be traveling to Japan one week per month for the next few months, starting in early July. I suppose I should go check out what the latest news on that nuclear plant there is, and exactly where it is so I can avoid visits to any of our sites that may be nearby. Also, any advice on what to do / how to behave and be effective as a Western female in a Japanese professional setting are very welcome. There will be meetings with major customers involved.