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a small sermon-poem

I don’t often get to sermonizing, and I don’t want to inflict it on y’all, but I just want to say it if only for myself. Hence the cut tag. I am quoting the New Testament liberally, even though it’s … Continue reading

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a small rumination on the news from NY

I don’t think anyone who reads my blog needs convincing, but it seems a bit obligatory to write something when you’re faced with history. Way back when we lived in Texas, my husband (then fairly newly promoted to that title) … Continue reading

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back home

All in all, traveling home from Japan was much easier (no more typhoons or delayed flights) with only one more unpleasant surprse to finish off this trip. While standing around in the Hiroshima airport waiting for boarding to begin, I … Continue reading

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arrived in Hiroshima

The train ride from Yokkaichi to Hiroshima was surprisingly unscenic; there were mountains but there were also buildings everywhere, either drab housing or industrial ones. On the other hand, if you ever ind yourself in Hiroshima, the Sheraton by the … Continue reading

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in Japan

This Japan trip, I tell ya. First there was the drama in which my flight to Seoul was delayed three hours, meaning I’d miss my flight to Nagoya. KLM practiced good customer service for once, and managed to get me … Continue reading

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not antisocial. just … differently social.

It’s common for people here to eat lunch with their coworkers – typically a whole team will go to the cafeteria at lunch. But my team is spread all over the world, with only my officemate (currently on holiday) and … Continue reading

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hotel advice?

We’re coming to the US in late October, to meet my impending nephew, and have decided to spend a couple days in New York City first. Ted’s never been there. Does anyone have advice on where to stay? (The difficulty … Continue reading

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sweet and tasty

It’s apparently been my weekend for entertainment that can best be described as ‘sweet’. Last night I went to bed on time but stayed up way too late reading Debra Newton’s A Modern Witch. It’s a bit unique; I suppose … Continue reading

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of Harry, Aslan, Jesus, and sacrifice

After spending a lunch break reading several of the articles on the Potterpalooza I am now much more psyched for the final Harry Potter movie. Movies are always second-best to me – not nearly as exciting as the actual … Continue reading

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unexpected holiday

I don’t think I’m thrilled with the newest version of WordPress; it seems to have killed off the ‘New Post’ button on my dashboard screen. Now to write a new post (the most frequent thing I do here) I have … Continue reading

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