I don’t think I’m thrilled with the newest version of WordPress; it seems to have killed off the ‘New Post’ button on my dashboard screen. Now to write a new post (the most frequent thing I do here) I have to go to another page and then click ‘write a new post’.

The latest twist in my travel plans: the trip is only planned for one week, and now it turns out the Monday of that week is a national holiday and the office will be closed. (It’s Marine Day: “a day of gratitude for the blessings of the oceans and for hoping for the prosperity of the maritime nation of Japan”. A nice idea. I wonder if there will be parades or anything?) My boss doesn’t know yet, but I think the timing won’t be changed: the tickets are booked and my colleagues there still say this is the most convenient time for me to come. Also, technically I get a day off then anyway; I arrive Sunday, and according to company policy you get to take the day off after an intercontinental flight. I don’t usually take it, but I guess this time I will.

I could go by train to Kyoto, which is supposed to be old and beautiful, but I may just work in my hotel room part of the day and walk around for the rest. Yokkaichi is a small industrial city, but since it will all be new, it should be interesting.