We’re coming to the US in late October, to meet my impending nephew, and have decided to spend a couple days in New York City first. Ted’s never been there.

Does anyone have advice on where to stay? (The difficulty is choosing from so many options, not to mention avoiding a bill of $2K for three nights.) I’m looking for comfort and convenience. I’m not looking for budget hotels this trip; I don’t want to stay outside the city and would prefer to avoid down-the-hall shared bathrooms. On the other hand I’m having a bit of sticker shock at the idea of hotels that cost $500 a night and up. So far the best options I’ve seen are Holiday Inn ($250-$300/night, depending which one you stay at) or several “cheap chic” boutique hotels, which claim to start at $250 but seem to be running closer to $400/night for the dates we’ll be there.