This Japan trip, I tell ya. First there was the drama in which my flight to Seoul was delayed three hours, meaning I’d miss my flight to Nagoya. KLM practiced good customer service for once, and managed to get me on a flight that was enough later that I might make it, and not so late that I’d miss the last bus to Yokkaichi. I did manage to catch the flight, by dint of running; unfortunately my suitcase didn’t. (This is particularly annoying, since the main reason I had to run was that I’d caught a member of the ground staff who made lots of phone calls to try to get my luggage onto the plane with me, and I had to wait for her to have all those conversations.) At the Aseana counter, they checked me in but told me if I wanted to catch this flight there was no way my suitcase could go with me. There was another especially helpful person at Nagoya who helped me file the luggage claim and didn’t make me wait until all bags were out, since I already knew the bag wasn’t coming. (Her name is Sato. If the Aseana website would work for me on this computer, I’d look and see if there was a place to commend her. She even called me a couple of times to give me the status, and told my hotel the bag was coming. My flight out of here is Aseana too, though a different airport, so I’ll see if they can tell me how to put that on file.)

It took until Tuesday to get my bag to me. I hate those people who clog up airplane aisles with too many bags, but I may need to give up and become one of them. I could have fit my stuff into a carry-on-sized bag this trip, since it was only a week – as long as it had wheels. Since I needed my laptop, that plus my clothing would be a bit heavy to carry.

Monday was a holiday here, so since I didn’t actualy know when my stuff would arrive, and because I was getting tired of wearing the same cargo pants in steamy weather and didn’t really want to wear them to work, I tried to see if I could buy an inexpensive skirt. Nope. Apparently I am too fat to fit into most clothing here (shirts excepted – they’re wearing them baggy, apparently) and anyway they are mostly in artificial fabrics that are too hot to wear in this weather. And they’re all ruffled. I don’t do ruffles, much. There was one silky loose black shirt I considered, until I read the tag and found it couldn’t be washed *or* drycleaned. (I’m not sure what that leaves. Immolation as soon as it gets dirty?)

And then, of course, there was the typhoon. Fortunately it was only a Category 1 and it really only skirted the coastline; we got a lot of wind and rain, but no damage here – and more importantly no damage further north where the damaged reactor is.

Tomorrow, I take the train to Nagoya and from there to Hiroshima, so I’m hoping that goes smoothly!

Otherwise it’s been interesting to see how it’s like and unlike other parts of Asia I’ve been in, and people have been extremely nice to me. I haven’t been very busy – the role I’m filling is a new one, so the challenge here is to show that it’s a needed one.

(If you’re more insterested in what it’s actually like here than in the trials and tribulations of travel, there’s more observations about Japan over here.