The train ride from Yokkaichi to Hiroshima was surprisingly unscenic; there were mountains but there were also buildings everywhere, either drab housing or industrial ones. On the other hand, if you ever ind yourself in Hiroshima, the Sheraton by the train station is gorgeous. Also, it’s pleasantly cool here this evening, a welcome relief from the sticky heat in Yokkaichi. I should have gone to see the Peace Park, but instead I am hanging out being lazy. Stressful week. (I even tried to book a pedicure at the hotel spa, but there were openings and I’m only here one night.) I think I’ll try to find sushi for dinner, since I’ve only had that once. (A lot of the food I’ve had is has been the sort of assortment you see in Taiwan food courts, for those who have been there.) One night I went out with people from work and had something like a hotpot, but you just had the assortment of things that came in it instead of getting to choose your own.

I think I’ve figured out the train for tomorrow; the Kintetsu train from Yokkaichi to Nagoya was a simple system rather like the Dutch trains, where you select day, destination, class, and number of tickets. The one here also has an option for English, as the Kintetsu did, but despite being even simpler still managed to confuse me. I have confirmed my guess with English-speaking hotel people, though; I guess you just buy the ticket for the right amount and then go wherever you want, as long as you’ve paid enough fare for it. I have no idea how you’d know how much, but it must be written in Japanese somewhere. Luckily I have still another presentation from work that tells me the amount!

Last night I had kind of an odd dream, funny for the things it got perfectly right and completely wrong to the point of silliness. M’ris was the main other person in it. (If you’re terribly bored by other people’s dreams, this is the time to stop reading. Here, have a handy cut tag.)

I was staying with M’ris (whom I’ve never actually met, other than electronically) before a party that night, in a nice big old house that some other people lived in as well. (I think I had the other people right in the dream, but they never actually showed up in it.) We were getting ready for a party she was having that night. There were a couple big boxes full of beautiful apples, which made we want to make apple cake. And hey, extra cake is never a problem at a party, right? Mris thought this was a perfectly reasonable thing to suddenly decide (I’m pretty sure this is one thing the dream got totally right.) I was pretty sure she’d have the other ingredients I needed (also likely to be right) – the apples I’d seen belonged to someone else, but there were more that were hers. I was only wondering if she had a tube pan, which apple cakes do really need, but it didn’t matter much because my parents’ house was only a couple doors down (ludicrously wrong) and I knew I could borrow one there. Then suddenly we were discussing my Kindle. She wanted to get me another case, because (she said) the one I have wasn’t protective enough, but I could tell it was really because she thought mine was terrible tacky and would make “us” (not the two of us; maybe the set of Kindle-owning SFF fans?) look bad. This is also extremely wrong, in that my case is quite protective and I’m pretty sure most people wouldn’t find it tacky, but I’m also quite sure that if M’ris did think such a thing I would never be able to tell.

At that point, from the sound of it, the person in the hotel room above mine fell out of bed and then stomped off to use the loo, which is what woke me out of the dream – being woken straight out of the middle of it is why I still remember it clearly.