All in all, traveling home from Japan was much easier (no more typhoons or delayed flights) with only one more unpleasant surprse to finish off this trip. While standing around in the Hiroshima airport waiting for boarding to begin, I wasreading my Kindle – just standing there, not doing anything reckless – when somehow I managed to drop it and it went splat on the floor. Now I have only something that looks like a Kindle, with a screen that never changes. (It is an ex-Kindle, you might say.) 🙁 The flight attendants on the first flight (only an hour and forty minutes) found me a copy of Time to read, and fortunately the Incheon airport had a bookstore with a small English section. I felt much better after buying a couple of books! (I did have one with me for just such emergencies and also had my iPhone with some books on the Kindle app, but I wasn’t sure the batteries could last the flight out. Apparently I have an unreasoning fear of being stranded with nothing to read.) The replaceent is already ordered.

A massage at the airport also helped a lot to make me feel better about the whole trip – I mean, drastic attitude adjustment. I’m not sure why it had such a profound effect. The ride home from Amsterdam was also kind of fun, since the whole train car was full of people from my company. The other thing that helps me not dread the next trip back (fourth week of August) is that someone gave me a tourist map of Hiroshima just as I was leaving the office for the airport hotel and it turns out there’s a lot to see and do there – I knew I missed the Peace Park but I hadn’t known there were so many good restaurants, for instance. Even the train station I stayed next to has four floors I somehow didn’t notice, some with restaurants with actual English menus. So I have things to look forward to for next time. I just need to hope for fewer things going wrong!