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good, bad and weird news

Sometimes having a wide variety of experiences is not calculated to make you more popular. However, I did manage to restrain my initial reaction when my mom emailed to say they were OK after yesterday’s 5.9 earthquake. This is probably … Continue reading

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the Hiroshima treat; the Hiroshima tragedy

You know how Rice-A-Roni is billed as “the San Francisco treat”? The website says it’s based on an Armenian recipe, but considering the Japanese population in San Francisco, I’m not convinced. I just had something called ‘sobameshi’ for lunch, rice … Continue reading

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and so it goes

I…. don’t … wanna go to the US for only one week and then come right back to work. (Well, as you might guess, I actually mind only the coming back, not the going. I think we made a strategic … Continue reading

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it’s a cup of tea, but not quite my cup of tea (book impression: The Magicians)

First, my nephew is doing well. I’m pondering a nom for him here, even though I did mention that his name is Hunter, since someday he’ll be old enough to care about privacy; there are so many choices! Some are … Continue reading

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I’m not done yet!

My sister-in-law and new nephew are doing well, as of last night when I talked to them. (As for my brother, if his wife and son are well, then he is well. One of the better things he said to … Continue reading

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enter Hunter

There are people for whom things always seem to happen all at once and for whom, though no fault of their own, things never seem to go as smoothly as they ought to. I suppose the flip side is that … Continue reading

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on pants and traveling (but not traveling pants)

My pants are too short. This pisses me off, because I’ve only had them for a few months and I paid a ridiculous shipping fee to have them sent here. I cannot seem to find good work clothing here; for … Continue reading

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the contagion of outrage: outside influences, part 2

This is the second part of me maundering on about how my feelings and opinions are affected by discussion online. In the first part I talked about how sometimes I get too affected by other people’s discussions of their very … Continue reading

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outside influences, part 1

One of the things I worry about, being online so much around so many fabulously articulate people, is how much my own feelings and opinions are unduly influenced by other people. This plays out in a bunch of ways and … Continue reading

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I didn’t vote

So there’s this poll from NPR on the best science fiction and fantasy books of all time. (So far!) Both books and series are on the list; you are supposed to vote for up to ten of them. I couldn’t … Continue reading

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