Bleah. We are sick. I was hoping it wasn’t real, was just me feeling fevereish a few days before my period starts. That happens sometimes. However, given that the electronic thermometer and the old-fashioned mercury kind agree on 101.5, I don’t think it’s chimaerical. (That may not be the word I want here. If not, I have a fever as an excuse.) Also, Ted’s is a tenth or two higher.

Poor guy had it first – he had a cold which wasn’t serious but left him drained, was better for a week, then got this one around Wednesday or so. I just woke up with a headache, a throat slightly sore on one side and a bit of drip down my throat (hence the soreness). I took a Tylenol fr the headache and felt fine all afternoon when I was out shopping, but by sunset I was freezing and got the thermometer out to check.

Damn. This is really not a good time for either of us. He’s got a race next Sunday, and I’m supposed to be flying out the same day to Japan. I come back on Thursday then leave again Saturday for the US. At least there’s 2.5 weeks until we’re scheduled to be anywhere around my newborn nephew.

The other boon is that I’d already scheduled a doctor appointment Monday afternoon. It was originally for something that I’m fairly sure is’t a UTI but kind of feels like one, and has been hanging on since our last US trip. That actually seems to be better now, thanks to the medicinal properties of Murphy’s Law, but I guess I’m not canceling the appointment. Before anyone asks, given the evidence of Ted having the same symptoms and of me being sniffly, I’m pretty sure this fever is unrelated to that. Maybe, if he’s smart enough to stay home form work if he is still ill, Ted can come with me to the doctor.