I did take off yesterday, but I’m back at work today. It went OK, mostly, except for a period int he morning where my head felt all spacy, probably as a reaction to the nose-spray decongestant my doctor recommended. (Otrivan – I think it’s similar to Afrin in the US.) This cold has progressed very fast, from a fever of 101.5 on Saturday night to just over 100 degrees F on Sunday to barely any yesterday; today my energy is lower than normal, my sinus is a bit stuffed and I cough now and then, but I’m otherwise OK. Ted is still coughing *very loudly*, so it’s also possible my spaciness this morning was due to simple lack of sleep.

One thing I hate about our flat is not having a permanently-ready spare room. The one in Taiwan was awesome; it had a built-in platfor bed and tons of storage all around for all my craft gear, so it was a perfect guest room / place for me to nest while doing beadwork / place to sleep when one of us was sick. Last night I finally gave up on sleeping anywhere near Ted around 11 o’clock, which meant taking my pillows and water bottle (for my own minor coughing) and sports watch (so I’d have an alarm), dragging the spare comforter from uder the bed, going to the next room, setting both ergs (rowing machines) on end, and pulling the mattress, which was standing against the wall, down onto the floor, and wrapped up int he comforter. That still wasn’t good enough to sleep, so after another half hour I made a real bed: shoved the mattress aside, pulled down the two sub-mattress/boxsprings, put the mattress back over them, went and got a bottom sheet so I could just spread the comforter over me. That made quite a comfortable bed and I slept well after that, but it’s definitely more work than I want to be doing in the middle of the night!

I finished my Carnaby skirt on Saturday, except for weaving in ends and sewing on buttons – I did buy some though. I’ve started some plain ribbed socks in a cool yarn, but somehow as long as I was spending a few days on the sofa and able to concentrate, I felt like making something more complex, that I could finish quickly. And I did; my Pretty Thing cowl, in a leftover tropical-ocean-colored sock yarn is all done except for binding off, weaving in the ends (all two of them) and blocking. I’m looking forward to wearing it – I hope it’s soft enough to wear on a bare neck. (I’m actually tempted to make another one, since I have enough of the yarn left for it.)

Now I just need to finish getting beter before next Sunday, when I head for Japan. This cold has progressed so fast I think that might work. At least I hope so.