I think this may be some sort of life milestone: I just saw the following status on Facebook:

“Happy Birthday to my AWESOME grandson, (kid’s name)!! You’re \ l / (this many)today!!!!”

…from someone I went through junior high and high school with. OK, I knew it was theoretically possibly (I once worked with someone who became a Meemaw (grandmother, in Texan) at age 36). But still, that’s scary. What’s even scarier is that it’s even mathematically possible (I think not true in this case, but possible) that my classmate finished college, had a kid right after, and then that kid finished college and then had a kid. Eep!

Also, a neighbor growing up, the older brother of one of my childhood friends (and partner in rebellion, sneaking off to keg parties or hanging out at the mall with unapproved boys, aged 16 or so) was just shot by his stepfather. I’d lost touch with the family long enough ago to not even know there was a stepfather, but still.