The post about the Mississippi Personhood Amendment that’s been popping up in a lot of my friends’ blogs is freaking me out a little – it’s cleverly phrased and looks like a real post by the owner of the blog. Because you only have to push a button to repost it, I was worried that it might actually be a scam. Hear about an issue that causes outrage from someone you trust, click on a link to donate – what a slick way to get money from people of good intent. As far as I can tell, those fears are unfounded, and the fear of having a few cells declared to be a person with full rights are all too well founded (the link above is to the Daily Kos article). I have decided that I can be more useful by donating money rather than by reposting the meme, so that is what I have done. (I hope that doesn’t sound snarky; I am confident that all of my friends who are posting it have done what is in their capabilities to do, whether that’s sending money, sending letters, raising awareness or whatever. People who have less money but many more readers than I do may well be more effective by letting others know about what’s going on – after all, that’s why I donated.)

My plans for upcoming weeks have just been drastically changed. I was supposed to fly to Japan on Sunday, hafve a customer meeting on Tuesday, fly back on Thursday, do laundry and repack on Friday, and fly to the US on Saturday. I was expecting the travel part of this Japan trip to be a bit more pleasant because a colleague was going with me. However, his wife just broke her leg, and he needs to be around for her. So now our trip is postponed to mid-November. It feels odd; I was in such a rush to get everything ready for the trip and now it feels like I have all the time in the world to prepare and pack and get well and do all the things I thought I wouldn’t be able to do in the next week. Not being in crisis mode feels like half a luxury and haklf a letdown.

Now I have to decide if I want to go watch Ted’s race on Sunday (probably not, head races are not really spectator sports), when/how to ease back into workouts, whether to make another appointment with the doctor (three days in, the antibiotics for the I-told-you-it-wasn’t-a-UTI aren’t doing anything), get my hair cut, and so on and so on.