How convenient – Shweta Narayan has just solved a dilemma I didn’t even realize I had. Since they’re just out and I had all those long plane flights ahead, I was saving the new Heroes of Olympus book and the new Discworld book to read during my travel. But no reasonable person could expect me to wait until mid-November, could they??? Delia Sherman’s new book, The Freedom Maze comes out November 15, just in time for my flight home, assuming the e-book is available then. Given that the third Flavia di Luce book,I Am Half-Sick of Shadows, is due November 1, I’m all set. (Well, with that and the other 90 or so books in my TBR folder. Some books take more energy than others and tend to get postponed until I have it. This last few days I have been reading old Doan & Carstairs mysteries, which take none at all.)

Except as I was writing that I realized, d’oh, I still have the US trip, starting October 23. So I can’t just dive into all my new books at once. Oh, well, maybe I’ll still make Percy Jackson wait until then. Or maybe I’ll read him now and let Sam Vimes wait. It’s not like I’m short of stuff to read! I don’t quite know how the to-be-read folder got so big…..

(Travel is so complicated. At least I know what I’m knitting (socks) for the moment, though I will mostly likely have them done before the second trip.)