Since I have been horribly deficient in my research, what would you do with three days in New York, in October? The obvious tourist things are fine to suggest; Ted has never been there and though I grew up only about a hundred miles away, the last time I was in New York was 1983, when I was deciding which college to attend.

We’ll probably do the Empire State Building and a trip on the Staten Island Ferry (with me trying not to intone “We were very tire / we were very merry” the whole time); Ted wants to see Wall Street and the Stock Exchange, which is good because I want to see Occupy Wall Street, assuming they’re still there. I’m thinking maybe the Met as well; not sure about MoMa, because neither of us is thrilled with modern art but they also have a design focus.

What else?

We’ll be staying in midtown, at the Belvedere on 318 W. 48th (thanks for the suggestion, Kiwiria!), so recommendations for restaurants near there are welcome too.