Grr. I think I am going to need to have That Conversation with a guy at work – this would be the one where I explain why telling a woman to smile when she’srunning around doing actual work is a sure way to piss a lot of us off.

Dude. My face. Not your property. Has no responsibility to be decorative. Only smiles when it feels like smiling, which you have just successfully ensured is not right now. (The annoying through probably valid emails from your boss on a work-related topic aren’t helping either. I have to figure out if he’s right and make changes if so. I don’t have to smile about it.)

Also, I feel a bit silly today. You know how the advice for professionals tends to be to dress like your boss one level up? I don’t think they meant it quite this literally. I was going for the fashion magazines’ version of rocker chick this morning: slim-cut charcoal flannel blazer with sleeves rolled up, mostly-dark-gray T-shirt with dyework and embroidery, dark narrow jeans, ankle boots with kitten heel and buckles on the point toes. I’m not sure who decided that shrunken blazers with motocycle-ish boots connote “rock-n-roll” but anyway I think it works as an outfit, rocker or not. But today my male boss is wearing a charcoal (velvet, pinstriped) blazer over a black or very dark gray T shirt and jeans. (His jeans are lighter and obvs he didn’t get the “rocker” memo because he’s wearing brown shoes instead of black boots. And him a drummer! Tsk.) I feel like Mini-me, only female and more stylish.

(Also, am I the only one who thinks it makes a huge difference in the look if, when you pull the front of your hair back with a single barrette, you put it on the top or the back of your head? In the 90s I wore it on top, because poufs were big then. Most often recently I wear it in back, which is a more controlled, smoother look even if I pull out some curls. Today I tried it on top again and it’s just right with this outfit – bigger silhouette, many more curls flying. Odd how much difference that makes.)

My wrist hurts – too mch typing, I think (no, this entry didn’t help). It’s probably a good thing we’re heading off on vacation to the US tomorrow. Yay for meeting the new nephew!