At least the tmperature in here is better than yesterday – we had the office heat turned up but it didn’t seem to be working. I am becoming convinced that whether it’s sunny or not (today is sunny but hazy, yesterday there was thick fog) has more effect in here than the actual HVAC system. Of course it’s possible that I am just warmer today thanks to wearing a heavy wooly cardigan and a long wool wrap skirt that’s like having a blanket wrapped around my lower half. Not to memtion stompy boots, which tend also to be warm boots.

Yesterday, I realized that I was a walking ad for Knitty: potis wrapped around me, Fetching fingerless gloves on my hands, and I just realized I also happen to be wearing Crusoe. Oh, well, I don’t mind advertising anyone who’s given me that many good patterns!

Speaking of which, I may need to switch my current project to a Knitty pattern. I am working on a lacy cowl of my own pattern, but I think this stitch pattern coupled with a laceweight yarn may actually be too airy – I don’t know that it will have enough body to stand up enough to show the pattern and not look like random threads everywhere. I may give up and fall back on the Abby cowl,

I am so impressed by anyone doing NaNoWriMo, and more so by anyone who writes books while holding down a fulltime job. Yesterday, a flippant comment I made in someone’s blog turned into a full-fledged plot idea for an MG fantasy. I could write it. I could*. But when would I? Basically, the only options are to work on it in small bits during my workday (which would be unethical, unfair, unprofessional, against the terms of my contract, and probably detrimental to both the story and the work I get paid for), I could work on it a couple hours each weekend (not enough to get much done and I’d probably lose the thread betweentimes) or I could work on it during my weekday free time and more of my weekends, which would mean I wouldn’t have any time for reading or knitting. I suppose I could give up knitting; I can’t do without reading (including both books and online stuff). I don’t know how writers with day jobs do it, but I suspect the answer is either much shorter workdays or (more likely) considerable sacrifice.

*Whether I could write it well enough that anyone would want to read it is, of course, a completely different issue. But I think the story would work.