We had a moment of panic today, after I realized that my keys were missing. I’d had them when I let myself into the flat earlier today, and I looked everywhere sensible, the usual un-sensible places where keys can end up, and anywhere else I could think of, with no luck. Ted had to go out and run Seekrit errands (shopping for my holiday gift, apparently) so he undertook to get his keys copied, but it was a little out of the way for him and a bit expensive. Also, the mailbox key was on my keyring and it isn’t copiable so we have only the one of it.

A while later, Ted got back, told me he’d gotten the copies made, and not more than one minute later, announced “I found your keys!” Somehow they’d been in his pocket hiding beneath his keys all along. We’re still not sure how that happened. I am very relieved, though; at least for once I didn’t do anything stupid.

We still have no idea how it happened. I’d happily blame jet lag (my usual policy is that any brain farts in the two days after a long trip can legitimately be blamed on jet lag) but Ted wasn’t traveling with me.