It must be humid today. I have my hair pulled back with a barrette and it looks like Beatrix Lestrange’s. Last night was Thanksgiving, a day early, as mentioned: 36 people, four turkeys, and two hams. Glad I only had to eat, not cook. I did roast a tiny chicken on Sunday, made boawties & kasha to go with it, and chicken soup from the leftovers, so we still have those to eat.

So now on to the next thing. The Holiday Challenge begins today; I plan to only do 100,000 meters this year, instead of the full 200km, because we only have half the time to do it before we go on holiday. I suppose I could do it – I have 17 days, so it’s 11.7 km a day. But yuck.) Ted has even less time, since he’s going to Taiwan next week, but he is still gamely planning to do the whole thing. That sounds like a Bad Idea to me for a number of reasons, but it’s his choice.

The other next thing is the Sinterklaas gift exchange from my knitting group. I have the presents, so now I need to do the hard part: the packaging and a poem. That will be my project for next week, along with the erging.

And along with completing my current knitting project, a Mobius scarf. I’d like to finish it before we leave for our Christmas roadtrip, so I can start a new project (a sweater, I think) with a clean conscience. (Getting to wear the scarf would be nice, too.) Which brings me ot the road trip: we drive through France, stopping to see the Bayeaux Tapestry, the beaches of Normandy, and Mont St. Michel, then down to Madrid, Gibraltar, along the coast to Barcelona and back home. I’m a little worried because there are a couple of 7 hour driving days in there, but we’ll see how it goes. Those are too long for Ted to drive solo, and I’m a bit worried about my doing highway stints on unfamiliar roads, but we suspect it’s largely a matter of getting me more practiced at driving again. I ended up doing some very tricky driving on Monday (dropping Ted off and picking him up in an industrial park that seems to be designed to get people lost, at night, in a heavy fog), and that went OK, so a clear highway with moderate traffic should be fine. (I keep telling myself that.) Also, the glasses I got do seem to help with driving.We’ve booked hotels at the major sites but left some flexibility. It’s off-season, so we got good rates at some very nice hotels – I need to take pictures of all of them this time, because many are uniquely designed, or very old, or otherwise unique. It won’t be exactly beach weather; we’re just hoping the weather cooperates for the drive through the Pyrenees, and enough to give us good views of Mont St. Michel, Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia, the Rock of Gibraltar, and so on.

Bob Franke’s Thanksgiving Song is as always the best advice for the season:

What can you do with your days, but work and hope?
Let your dreams bind your work to your play.
What can you do with each moment of your life,
But love ’til you’ve loved it away …..
love ’til you’ve loved it away.