I confess to an unworthy urge not to tell anyone about the Magick4Terri auction to benefit Terri Windling, because there is just so much cool stuff for sale and I don’t want people to outbid me. But, well, for one thing plenty of people with much wider readership are trumpeting the news about the auction, and more importantly keeping it quiet wouldn’t serve the auction’s purpose of getting Terri the help she needs. As a writer and as an editor, Terri Windling has brought a lot of stuff into my life that has made it much better – publishing de Lint’s Moonheart and Bull’s War for the Oaks , giving Pamela Dean the impetus to write Tam Lin, and writing her own The Woodwife, to name three obvious ones. I can think of some others who have had that much influence on a subgenre of SFF, but the names that come to mind are ones like Campbell and Tolkien and Rowling.

The effects she’s had on the lives of others are attested by the luminous list of auction contributors – there is some amazing stuff there, ARCs and signed books and manuscripts, jewelry and art and cookies. Go look, if you can spare a few bucks. And be warned: there are a couple things on the list I’m pretty determined to win.