Any day which begins with a dead mouse an is scheduled to end with a dentist appointment and a doctor’s appointment is probably not going to be a good day.

Monday night, I heard a rustling in the kitchen, when I was the only one home. Our cleaning service people have an annoying habit of taking the trashbag out of the trashcan and putting a new one in, but just leaving the full trashbag in the kitchen next to the trashcan. (They have an even more annoying habit of bagging the recyclables. I don’t know why they don’t understand that if we have a separate bin for paper and cardboard, it must be there for a reason.) I was hoping the rustling was just the bags settling, but then when I went into the kitchen I saw a mouse. I confess I screamed like a little girl, because it was so shocking; I hope I didn’t worry the neighbors. The mouse ducked back down, and I promptly took the bags out, hoping that hewas in one of them.

When I emailed the apartment owner and rental agent, the latter responded more or less as I expected (“get some mousetraps or poison”) but did offer to send over their handyman to help. I took them up on it – I thought at the time I was being a big weenie, but then realized that it was actually a very smart decision. It’s not a great idea to handle poisons whose instructions are in a language in which you’re not fluent. I left work a little early to meet him, and we set out two traps and some arsenic. Unfortunately they were the old-fashioned kind of trap, not a live trap. Then again, with a live trap I wouldn’t have known what to do with the mouse – I live right in the center of the city.

I didn’t see or hear the mouse last night and was hoping that meant he really had been in the trash bag, but no – or else he had a sibling. This morning there was a mouse in the trap. (The kitchen one; I forgot to check the other, so conceivably this day could start AND end with a dead mouse.)

Why does this stuff always happen when Ted is in another country?

Whether or not I have more ‘houseguests’, today will end with a dentist appointment to get a filling replaced, immediately followed by a visit to the doctor for a six-month checkup with my blood pressure meds. I’m thinking all this is probably not conducive to lowered blood pressure!

Actually, I’ve noticed in the last few days that my BP yhas been higher in the evening; either the mice are to blame, or the erging every evening for the Holiday Challenge (exercise lowers your BP but overtraining can raise it) or it’s just because that’s when I take my pill so the previous one has worn off by then.

There are good things to think about, as I need to keep reminding myself. I have more than halfway done the Holiday Challenge (100 km version), though since I am doing the short version I won’t stop when I reach the target but will see how close to 200 km I can get. There are only 8 workdays until our vacation, including today. And last night, after looking over the dimensions of the Mobius scarves in Cat Bordhi’s books, I decided mine was wide enough at about 7″ with ribs compressed, over 10″ lightly stretched, and began the i-cord bindoff.

Also, I’m wearing handknit socks. They make everything better.