Finish skirt (a.k.a. sew on two buttons)
mail packages (already wrapped and addressed)
finish cards (about 3-5 more plus tucking in holiday letter and addressing for all of them)
wrap Sinterklaas present (have idea and supplies, need to execute)
erg (minimum 14 km over the weekend, but I’m thinking maybe I should shoot for a half marathon. I think I’m up to it.)
order one remaining present (I know what I’m getting, but have been putting it off so it doesn’t get there ridiculously early)
pack for upcoming road trip
finish Mobius scarf (just the i-cord bind-off)

That doesn’t look too overwhelming, does it? The scarf could even wait for knit night on Wednesday, and the packing can be added to during the week. And of course there’s nothing preventing me from getting some of it done before the weekend. The erging really has to be done then because it’s part of a bigger goal to finish 100km before next Saturday – but I’ve only got a total of 40 km to go, so the challenge is really becoming more about how far above 100 km I can get.