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Midnight at Spanish Gardens, part 2

I wrote that last entry after reading the first part. The second part is much better. (Translation in case required: the first part was absorbing. While reading the second I must have been channeling Alma herself, because I’m not much … Continue reading

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capsule review: Midnight at Spanish Gardens, by Alma Alexander

Don’t read it while mending. I kept stopping between stitches.

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back in Yokkaichi again

Blah – woke up at 3 this morning, couldn’t get back to sleep, started to really crash at 4 this afternoon. Unfortunately I had a meeting at 5 – luckily it turned out to be short. You know you are … Continue reading

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the usual round-up

I’m going to WorldCon … wait, not I’m not. But I bought a Supporting Membership, which means I get to pretend I’m there. I get to vote on this year’s Hugo and Campbell awards and, if this year follows the … Continue reading

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review: Strange World, by Don Saxman

Way back in the first half of the 1990s, my husband worked for a small NASA contractor on a project that had the worst acronym ever: the TOCWQM, or total organic carbon water quality monitor. It checks for the presence … Continue reading

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rowing: a mixed bag today

Ted had committed to go rowing in a double with his partner today; it was warmish (mid-40s) but wet, misty to drizzly, and with very high winds. I was looking for excuses not to go, until I realized that I’d … Continue reading

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you can all envy me now

… well, I would, if I weren’t me. Because I have just received an ARC of Flora’s Fury, sequel to Ysabeau Wilce’s Flora Segunda and Flora’s Dare. Also, tasty-looking exotic chocolates and a poster for the book (it was all … Continue reading

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knitting to-do list

I finished my sweater yesterday! It’s blocking now, and should be dry in time to wear to my local knitting group night on Wednesday. Possibly I should have done some waist shaping so it wouldn’t be quite so rectangular. It … Continue reading

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words from the ROM part of the brain

I wrote a few days ago about how some books have a permanent address in my head. I meant that fairly literally, in the sense of a computer memory address, andd thought I’d provide a fwe short examples here. I … Continue reading

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a few notes on yesterday’s list

A few people have mentioned getting ideas for their reading my list of minireviews yesterday, and I realize that I may not have been sufficiently clear about what those books were – genre, subgenre, age, etc. I did try to … Continue reading

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