I finished my sweater yesterday! It’s blocking now, and should be dry in time to wear to my local knitting group night on Wednesday.

Possibly I should have done some waist shaping so it wouldn’t be quite so rectangular. It does fit well, though.

Once again, I seem to have my knitting planned a ridiculous while ahead; I’m halfway through the first of two hats for coworkers’ new babies, after which I’ll go back to the socks which were my hotel-room knitting project on the Spain trip. (I’m nearly to the heel on the first sock.) I’m looking forwardf to that, because I’ll be trying Cat Bordhi’s new Sweet Tomato heel.

Next up is a lap blanket for my dad, for which I still need to get the yarn, and maybe one for my mom too. Also, while we were in Amsterdam on Friday, we stopped y Penelope Craft, where I got not only the yarn for the aforementioned baby hats but also enough Cascade 220 for sweaters for both Ted (in brown) and me (in gray, because it’s not like I have enough gray sweaters (that is sarcasm – I have at least 6, though one gets so many fluffballs that it’s not wearable anytime I care how I look. I like gray sweaters). No idea when I’ll work on those, though; I’ve warned Ted not to expect his sweater thiws year. I’ve also got a couple of lightweight things for me – a wispy cowl and a cardi – that are lurking in hiding until it’s too warm to work on anything heavier.