Ted had committed to go rowing in a double with his partner today; it was warmish (mid-40s) but wet, misty to drizzly, and with very high winds. I was looking for excuses not to go, until I realized that I’d made a mistake and signed up to take out my own boat (a Wintech Explorer 21) instead of the club racing shell I usually row. Honestly, since it lives at the boathouse, I tend to forget I have it. It does get a lot of use from classes and inexperienced rowers – that’s the deal for keeping it stored there. That actually changed my opinion about rowing. It’s made to handle open water; unlike a racing single, it’s wide and stable, with a self baler built in, and it’s actually kind of fun to take out in wind and waves.

And it was fun, despite the drizzle that hit in a couple spots and the wind gusts. The wind was coming from the direction we normally row (the canal ends quickly in the other direction). I had planned to row up the canal to the Sea Scouts base, nearly 3km, back to the boathouse, then take it up to the other club’s boathouse and back for a total row of about 9km. After that first outing, though, I took it in. The wind had gotten stronger; the boat can handle wind and waves, but this was just getting silly, and it is winter after all. I was humming sean shanties to myself the whole way back, which makes rough water much more fun.

To eke out the distance and use up time until Ted and his partner came back in, I did another 2km on one of the boathouse ergs. There were two newbies on them with their coach, which was good for me; they had such awful form that I had to keep my erg splits below theirs, but of course they were much bigger than I am so even with them rowing lightly and badly I had to pull hard to do it. Maybe I should erg at the boathouse more often, for motivation. It looks like I’ll be racing in Oregon in April – racing from our own dock!!! – so I do need to get more serious about training.