back in Yokkaichi again

Blah – woke up at 3 this morning, couldn’t get back to sleep, started to really crash at 4 this afternoon. Unfortunately I had a meeting at 5 – luckily it turned out to be short. You know you are seriously jetlagged when you catch yourself misspelling three letter acronyms.

I’m more awake now, mercifully, since I need to stay up to a reasonable time if I want to avoid waking up in the middle of the night again. The trip here went fairly well this time, and even the post-flight train trip wasn’t too bad. Hopefully I will be able to say the same about the customer meeting tomorrow and the train trip to Hiroshima. I upgraded to business class (with miles) on the way here, and the food was actually tasty – not just OK. The appetizer involved a bit of smoked herring with tiny tabs of herring caviar and mackerel mousse, or maybe I have those fishes backwards, on tiny bits of coconut and seeds – it was all much better than it sounds, and was followed up by what they called a beef tartlet that was tender shredded beef stacked in a muffin-tin shape, with creamed celeriac, onions and mushrooms. It would have been worth paying for in a restaurant, even.

On my way back, I’ll meet up with Ted int he Schiphol airport, since he’s leaving for Asia just as I return. This traveling life isn’t was glamorous as it’s cracked up to be, yo.

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