I was thinking this morning that it’s quite possible that tomorrow will be the halfway point in my life, barring accident or disease. My great-grandmother lived to be 84, my grandmother lived to 86 …. fill in the progression. Tomorrow I will be 45.

Of course I hope for improvements in geriatrics and other public health; among other reasons, I would like to have my Mom around for more than another 18 years. (If that does happen, I will probably thank not so much modern medicine but the public-health trends and opportunities that have her going to the gym several days a week, and the circumstances and organizations that keep her mentally active.)

I can tell I’ve been lucky, because if the next half of my life has the same opportunities and adventures and learnings of the first half, I will be very happy. And if the geriatrics or whatever do give me more healthy years, I’ll be even happier.

Tomorrow we’re off to Lisbon for a long weekend. (As I said, lucky – lots of opportunities and adventures.) In case I’m not online at all, y’all have a happy my birthday.

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  1. LA says:

    Happiest of Birthdays, my dear friend! ~LA

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