Yum (with parenthetical inserts)

That was actually pretty darn tasty. Pan-fried salmon (because we came back from Lisbon on Tuesday afternoon, and thus were actually not at work for once on Market Day) with sesame-soy drizzle (because, I am happy to report, Mark Bittman is much better on cooking than he is on baking) with a tomato-mozzarella salad (we’ll miss pearl mozzarella when we return to the US, though I’m sure that, like most things, it’s available there somewhere) and stir-fried snow-peas (having the frying pan very hot from the salmon meant they cooked in about 60 seconds) with lemon-pepper and herb blends on them. Of course, it would have been even nicer if our poor excuses for appliances didn’t take about twice as long to cook the salmon as they should have. It’s supposed to be about 6 minutes in the pan and another 3 on the broiler, but it was more like 10-12 in the an until they were cooked halfway through and maybe 6-8 under the combi’s broiler. (I wasn’t in a hurry, but hotter cooking gives those crispy edges I like.) I was very happy that even though the pan frying doesn’t involve any oil or other added fats, the salmon skin didn’t stick to my pan at all.

Yesterday was chili, because I had time to make it, and tomorrow will be rib night with the other American expats and visitors. (Actually, ribs are too fatty for me but I enjoy the company and the restaurant also has hamburgers that almost taste right.)

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