I’ve been a wild rover

My travel plans are shaping up for the next few months. So far this year, I’ve been to Japan and Lisbon, but the pace will be picking up:

  • April: two more weekends and then on the third we leave for Oregon. We have bonded with our house there to a ridiculous extent, somehow, and love staying in it whenever possible. I like the area a lot too, and found out something interesting today: how cool is it that the bigger, older (since the 1930s) of the Jewish congregations there is Reconstructionist? I had thought of that movement more as a recent liberal upstart, so it’s nice to see it so entrenched there. This trip will be good: we’ll get to see Ted’s parents and one grandfather, get our first look at our new dock, get to launch from it and compete in our first races on our home lake, and get a visit from our good friend K. This will be so much fun.
  • May: I have a work trip to Connecticut, and Ted has one back to Taiwan. For me, especially, since this is an all-department meeting, it’s work but it’s a nice break from regular work.
  • June: I’ll be going home to Philadelphia to see my immediate and extended family. I don’t really know most of the extended ones, but I’ll get to see my Dad after his recent health scares, play with my nephew while he’s still a baby, and see a great-aunt I’ve always liked, who must be getting up into her 90s.
  • July: Baltic cruise! Northern Germany, Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Copenhagen.

I’m a little worried about August being a terrible let-down! Still, possibilities for the rest of the year include the first masters sprint race in Rotterdam (on a brand-new rowing course), the FISA World Masters Regatta (only about an hour from here), Oktoberfest in Munich (Ted really wants to go), a long weekend in Vienna (I really want to go), another work trip to Japan, another 2-week trip to Oregon in either August or October (finally, time to buy the RV!), and then whatever we end up doing for Christmas (current thoughts are staying here, which could mean a weekend trip to Cologne for the Weinachtmarkt; Iceland; or home again to Oregon). I may need to spend next year recuperating. On the plus side, if I do need to fly anywhere in 2013, I’m pretty sure I’ll maintain my frequent flyer status.

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