Paula Passes

The year is at Spring,
The day stands at morn
And morning’s at 7,
the sky still dawn-hazed;
the daffodils blooming
The trees are in bud.
I’m on my bike,
All’s right with the world!

(I couldn’t quite manage Browning’s nifty abcdabcd rhyme scheme. Oh, well.)

Today I invested in my eventual well-being, and rode my bike to work for the first time this year. I don’t mean the benefits of exercise (though, duh); Ted’s got a late meeting in another building, so I’d probably have ended up taking the bus home. I’d have been standing there in the bus shelter in this glorious weather we’ve been having, in the perfect temperature it will be at 4 o’clock, mad at myself for not just riding in.

It wasn’t an easy decision, because my instinxcts are to say that my body needs a rest; I went rowing and did short intervals (full-out power 10, then row lightly til heart rate is 75% of max, times sixteen) on Tuesday, lifted weights and *also* did intervals on the erg Wednesday (one minute on, two off, times 5), then rowed 10 km last night, with a very low rate and high pressure the whole time. But My body didn’t feel too bad this morning, only a little sore in hips and shoulders, and after all, a ride of 6km each way that doesn’t need to be particularly fast isn’t all that strenuous. (At this point, Rebeccmeister would laughing at me for even having to stop and think about a ride that short, except that she’s both too polite to laugh and too happy when people bike to commute instead of driving.)

It was a nice ride, and I’m glad I did it; not too cold, the air morning-crisp and clean. All the daffodils are out, but cycling gives me a slightly different perspective and I was paying less attention to the huge swaths of them in the medians, more to the brave volunteers on the side of the road. The forsythia has just begun to bloom, too; the trees have buds now and I saw a purple-flowering bush that I think might be an over-eager rhododendron or azalea. Also, last night ont he canal, I finally saw a few ducks nesting; I was beginning to wonder where all the ducklings were, with the world in bloom. I guess ducks are less weather-dependent than plants.

Also, the cycling helps with building endurance; I have a race coming up on 4/14. (On our “own” lake! Launching from our own dock! Come to think of it, I posted a photo on the travel blog, but not here. See below.) So it will be good to work out hard for the next two weeks, then I can taper down the last week before the race. They’re starting up 1km races here – they’ve never had them for masters rowers before – so I may have a few more coming up.

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