Didn’t really *need* to … but I did anyway

Went home early with a headache today. Not a bad one, just …. I don’t know, a dull ache across the back of my neck and a feeling this could get worse or could be headed off. I got through the morning OK, when I had to present to my whole department: I knew the distraction and adrenaline of presenting would make that part OK. In the afternoon I had only one meeting, that was with just one other person, so that could be handled easily enough by phone, so I headed home on the bus. I figure it was either a menstrual symptom (new one on me, bleah) or due to fast food for dinner last night. Or possibly an allergy thing; it’s not bad but everyone has been sneezing more than normal. I had a Coke at home on the theory that caffeine might help; maybe it did, but it’s back a little now.

On the plus side, I crocheted three granny squares (and one last night) of sock yarn leftovers, so yay for new skills. Leaning over to do that might be why the headache is back a bit. Oops.

It’s a beautiful day, and getting off at the bus stop nearest our flat means walking right through the Centrum of Eindhoven. It was packed! I’d forgotten it was market day. Also, the tables in the Markt Square (which, oddly enough, is not where the actual market is) were full. Just when I was thinking, “Don’t any of these people have to work??” I recognized a couple I know. They had a great reason to be out there, though: her work just now is building a new person, and he’d taken off to go to the 35-week sonogram with her. That’s enough reason to take a day off and sit in the sun with a beer (or Coke, in her case).

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  1. LA says:

    Hope your head feels better!!!

    I’d like to live somewhere with markets like that. Of course I do go to the local farmer’s markets in season and am always up for a good flea market, but a weekly? monthly? market of all kinds of vendors sounds fab. ~LA

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