Springeþ þe wude nu

Apropos of nothing, I have a new theory: that the bounding guitar part of Richard Thompson’s song Beeswing was inspired by the tune of Sumer is i-Cumen in. (I’ve known the words to the latter since high school, but have only heard the tune in recent years, thanks mostly to Thompson himself and his 1000 Years of Popular Music.)

It’s probably a good thing I biked in today, as it looks like our glorious warm weather is going away for a bit just in time fo the weekend.(if it would transfer to Oregon in time for our visit there, that would be nice). It’s supposed to be sunny, but there are high clouds, and it’s only predicted to get up to 14C instead of the 20 or so (70F) we’ve been having.

Also, I think the total of 12km should get me a free pass from the intervals I’m supposed to do after weightlifting today – that is, I’ll still life the weights, but I may not do the 15 minutes of intervals on the erg (5 times 1 minute on, two off) I’m supposed to do afterward. That seems fair, doesn’t it?

Or I could just do five one-minute fast pieces on my ride home, though supposedly it doesn’t have quite as much benefit as doing it after the weights. I took Tuesday off due to my headache and just erged 5km yesterday at a good firm pressure but nowhere near race pace. That’s just enough wimping out that now I have to push myself a bit to get back to the level of workouts I did last week. Then I keep it up through next week, and then taper off a bit before my race in the single at the Covered Bridge Regatta on April 14. This is a bit scary, since it will be the first race I’ve done in a single in a while – the last one was back in Taiwan, 2008 or so.

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