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I wasn’t born a ramblin’ man…

I realized the other day that I have been traveling more than I thought: I’ve been in another country every single month since May 2011, and it will continue until at least July. Like this: June 2011: Budapest July 2011: … Continue reading

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A bit late to learn this

When I looked up Implanon injection on the web to figure out what to expect (meaning, if it was going to hurt when the anesthetic wore off – which, for the record it didn’t), one site said, “Your doctor may … Continue reading

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short review: A Princess of Passyunk, by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff

This is an “I liked it but” review – and really, book, it’s not you, it’s me. I think I’d like this book more if I weren’t so close to it. It’s set in South Philly in the 1950s. That’s … Continue reading

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nearly weekend

This will be our second long weekend in a row – not vacation time but standard Dutch holidays. (Ascension Day last week, Whitsunday this time). Two weeks ago I returned from the US, last week we went to Brussels, so … Continue reading

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on the flip side, and a visit to Poirot

Today on the way to work, I noticed that the car in front of us was a Toyota Verso. Do you suppose they also have a Recto model? And what image, exactly, is that model name supposed to convey – … Continue reading

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sorry no words v. busy

Got back from the US on Saturday morning and proceeded to spend the weekend in the fog of jetlag. Rowing Sunday, in particular, didn’t feel good; the rest of the time the fog wasn’t unpleasant because there wasn’t much I … Continue reading

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A few more things I forgot to say:

Best part of the trip so far: as we were driving away fromJFK airport, we caught a glimpse of the Space Shuttle. It’s currently still mounted on a 747′ sitting under a shelter (not an enclosed hangar, just a roof) … Continue reading

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back in America

Huh. I’m in the US (Connecticut) for work this week. I’d thought it was 5 work weeks from when I get back until my next US trip (family visit), but it’s only four – well, four and a half, since … Continue reading

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design for accessability, because the person who benefits might be you

I seem to be a day late for Blogging Against Dis/ablism Day, but since I don’t think that ablism has magically vanished since yesterday, this essay still applies. It was originally written for an acquaintance’s zine, so I didn’t want … Continue reading

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the state of the knitting

I’ve finally finished my Whisper sweater, begun early last year and put aside for a while, and have decide I’m not really all that fond of knitting with laceweight yarn. Knitting with string (sock yarn) I can deal with; knitting … Continue reading

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