I’ve finally finished my Whisper sweater, begun early last year and put aside for a while, and have decide I’m not really all that fond of knitting with laceweight yarn. Knitting with string (sock yarn) I can deal with; knitting with lace yarn is just taking things too far. It fits pretty well, at least. Hopefully now that I’ve blocked it, it won’t begin to roll too badly.

Not a great picture of me; it looks like I’d just woken up because I had. But it shows the cardigan well!

In reaction, I’ve begun a blanket for Mom with bulky yarn. The original plan was to make one for Dad when we thought he’d need chemo; since he doesn’t he’ll never use it, but Mom was very interested in having one for herself, so she’ll get it for her birthday in December. WHich reminds me ….

..OK, Mom’s gift for Mother’s Day has been duly ordered, an Oberon Designs cover for the Kindle I got her last birthday. At least this year I know what to get for Dad: me! I’ll be visiting them over Father’s Day and his birthday, and attending a reunion of his family.

Back to knitting: I was having problems figuring out what yarn to use; bulky-weight is not too common here, and I didn’t see anything I liked much in Michaels a few weeks ago. But on one of our last days in the US, we got to The Fiber Shop in Eugene, which is not an enormous store, but is packed full of all kinds of yarn. I bought some Berroco Vintage Chunky, a soft wool/acrylic blend (so it’s washable and should be durable) in a luscious purple color. I must be looking old these days, because I told the woman behind the counter that it was for my mom and she urged me to stick with a machine washable yarn, because in case Mom needed help with her care, it would be easier for people to wash (i.e. in a nursing home). I started to laugh, mentioned Mom’s three-times-a-week gym habit, and successfully managed not to say “in fact, she’s probably younger than you!” Actually, she probably isn’t, but she looks younger than that woman. I hope she liks the blanket, anyway; it’s my own Wombat pattern (see sidebar) and I’m putting a complex Celtic cable down the front.

With the cardigan done, it’s a nice feeling to only have one knitting project in progress. It won’t last long, though; it’s already bigger than I want to take to the US next week, so I’ll start a sock project Saturday. I’m not sure what pattern I’ll use yet – Victorian Birdcage (Ravelry link) or Paper Moon (from Knitty) are two possibilities.